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Providing essential health services to Syrian refugees in Azraq Camp

Providing essential health services to Syrian refugees in Azraq Camp



Nadia is one of countless Syrian refugees who have fled their countries to seek safety in bordering Jordan. Adapting to these new surroundings was not easy for Nadia and her family.

“Adapting to life in the community can be very challenging for Syrian refugees,” she explains. Like many others, the family of six soon relocated to Azraq refugee camp.

“It was either this or go back to Syria. In the camp, all the basic services we need to survive are available.”

Jordan has a long history of welcoming refugees from conflicts across the Middle East, from Palestine, Iraq and now Syria. Today, there is incredible strain on Jordan from more than 747,000 Syrian refugees living there, as health care and other services are stretched to breaking point.

There are currently more than 50,000 registered refugees in Azraq camp alone. International Medical Corps works in the camp to provide essential health services in Azraq Camp Hospital, with funding from the European Union.

It was here that Nadia found out she was pregnant with her 6th child.

In addition to emergency health services, International Medical Corps also provides neonatal and postnatal care for refugees living in the camp. On average, around 120 babies are delivered in the camp every month.

“Thanks to the support we receive here, my wife’s pregnancy was very smooth,” Nadia’s husband says gratefully. “The community health volunteers visited us throughout and referred us to the clinic for antenatal care.”

Ghazal was born on November 1st 2016 – and the baby girl was officially recorded as the 1,000th baby born in the camp hospital supported by International Medical Corps.

“We were anxious at first because of the camp setting,” Nadia recalls. “But the team was very supportive and made us feel comfortable.”

Nadia stayed in the hospital for 24 hours after delivery, and the family received a baby kit with essentials for their newborn daughter. The proud parents then brought their newborn daughter home to join the rest of the family in the camp.

“I hope that when the war is over we can return to Syria,” Nadia’s husband says.

I want to get a good job so that I can provide for my family.

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