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Providing healthcare in Libya

Providing healthcare in Libya


"I am hopeful I can be with my children again soon"


Lama Emye arrived at Tripoli Central Hospital wounded and barely conscious: a bullet had pierced his right leg, fracturing two bones.

The 26-year-old was at Azawia hospital when violence broke out all around him, forcing the International Medical Corps team who were treating him there to evacuate Lama, along with another patient.

“We travelled more than 200 kilometres in an ambulance in order to get out of the line of fire,” Lama recalls.

Since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011, Libya has been enduring a state of prolonged crisis and the United Nations have estimated that half of the Libyan population are in need of humanitarian assistance. Intense combat in heavily settled and urban areas has displaced large portions of the population and many more are forced out of their homes every day by the ongoing and increasing violence.

Just days after the first uprising in Benghazi, International Medical Corps was among the first to respond to the crisis created by the 2011 war in Libya.

We have been on the ground ever since, working to restore vital healthcare infrastructure and eliminating major gaps in healthcare. Over the years, International Medical Corps has provided more than 110,000 medical consultations, deployed 267 health professionals, trained around 2,500 health workers and delivered more than 200 tons of medicines, supplies and medical equipment to key health facilities across Libya. With support from the European Union, we are supporting hundreds of thousands of people forced from their homes to gain access to basic health services.

Lama was lucky that help arrived when it did: immediately transferred to a private clinic where vital equipment was available, he underwent a successful operation on his leg and was given antibiotics and follow up visits by the medical team until he fully recovered.

International Medical Corps also provided him with a mobile phone so that he could be in touch with his children.

Today when the team visits him, he is always smiling.

I am so grateful for all the support I received. I can walk again and I am hopeful I can be with my children again soon.

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