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Sowing The Seeds Of A Better Future In Afghanistan

Sowing The Seeds Of A Better Future In Afghanistan

"Imagine if we all helped each other—what would happen?"

Samandar is a farmer and International Medical Corps community volunteer in a village in Afghanistan. He grows several varieties of maise and okra and keeps cows for meat, milk and to sell them. 

He joined International Medical Corps to help people in his community access our services and his training was supported by USAID.

“I organise International Medical Corps awareness campaigns in my village so the people in my community can benefit from its programs,” he says. “When people ask me why I volunteer with a humanitarian organisation, I give them my reasons. Volunteering helps protect your mental and physical health. It can reduce stress, combat depression, keep you mentally stimulated and provide a sense of purpose. Volunteering also helps build a better future for people, whoever they are and wherever they are. In this big world called Earth, we have so many needs and challenges—we need to help one another.”

Samandar is a lovely person, and many of the youngsters come to him daily and enjoy joking and spending time with him because he is a very social and friendly person. Due to so much love, people call him Samandar Aka. Aka means lovely and respectful man in the community.

Samandar added that his volunteer role has also brought him closer to families who have travelled long distances to seek counselling and assistance. It has taught him how to organise and bridge humanitarian interventions between communities and humanitarian groups in his region.

“Let’s go help others!” he declares. “What is in your control are the seeds you will plant along the way in your life. So wherever you are, seek to make love and to give it and to share it. Imagine if we all helped each other—what would happen? The answer is betterment in lives and healthcare.” 

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