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Turkey ECHO

Ahmed's Road To Recovery

Turkey hosts the largest number of registered Syrian refugees—3.6 million. In this post, four of them share their experiences with us. Stories about overcoming adversity, learning, a passion for sport and education.

Watch how Ahmed went from fleeing bombs in Aleppo to scoring goals in Turkey with support from EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid.

Refik's Story of Survival

Thousands of Syrian refugees have tragically lost limbs in the pursuit of safety. One of them is Refik.

Watch Refik's path to recovery, with the support of EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid.

Masa's Safe Hands

Check it out! 10-year-old Masa—a Syrian refugee living in Turkey—shows us how to keep our hands clean with a little virtual help from our partners!

With support from EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid, we can continue to reach refugees in Turkey during the COVID19 pandemic.

Samir's Story

Did you know that 3.7 million refugee children are out of school?

6-year old Samir* is no longer one of them. His family fled relentless bombing in Aleppo five years ago and the road to recovery has not been easy. Here, Samir shows his best smile at our EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid funded rehab-centre in Mersin that helped him with an orthopaedic condition that kept him from school.

*The boy’s name has been changed to protect his identity.