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Hurricane Fiona Emergency Response - Social Media Toolkit

Thank you for sharing information about our emergency response efforts in Puerto Rico. You’re making a big difference to people working to recover from the devastation of Hurricane Fiona.

International Medical Corps’ Hurricane Fiona Emergency Response

Hurricane Fiona made landfall along Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast on September 18 with 75 mph winds and torrential rains, causing historic flooding and knocking out power across the island.

We’ve been working in Puerto Rico since 2017, following the devastating Hurricane Maria. Our teams on the ground report significant damage to infrastructure and widespread flooding, leaving communities across the island without access to basic necessities such as shelter, clean water, electricity and healthcare.

International Medical Corps’ Puerto Rico team and our emergency response unit are coordinating closely with local authorities and partners. We’ll continue to provide targeted support for health facilities, as well as mental health services, as Puerto Ricans are faced, once again, with loss and uncertainty. Updates on our response here.

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