Empowering Women and Girls Around the World

Our gender-based violence teams reduce stigma, promote women’s empowerment and respond to violence in emergency settings.

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Marking Twelve Years of War in Syria

March 15, 2023, marks 12 years since the start of the Syrian conflict. We’ve been providing healthcare services to vulnerable people in Syria since 2008. In addition to supporting people displaced by conflict, we’re providing emergency support to survivors of the recent earthquake.


War in Ukraine: One Year Update

One year since Russia invaded Ukraine, our team’s stories of hope and resilience depict a joyfully defiant national character in Ukraine.


Ukraine One-Year Briefing

Our in-country experts talk about how International Medical Corps has helped the people of Ukraine over the last year, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.


International Medical Corps Stays the Course in Ukraine

Senior Director of Global Communications Todd Bernhardt talks with ABC7’s Sophie Flay about his recent visit to Ukraine and the continuing needs around the country one year since the Russian invasion.


With Your Help in 2022

In 2022, your support enabled our teams to provide services and support to more than 19 million people in 30 countries around the world. Watch this short video to see just a few examples of how you changed—and saved—lives.

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International Medical Corps 2022 End-of-Year Briefing

Dr. Javed Ali, David Eastman and Susan Mangicaro, leaders of our emergency responses in Ukraine, East Africa and South Asia, and the US, look back at our work in 2022 and share key insights on our priorities for humanitarian relief in 2023.