Press Release

International Medical Corps Acknowledged for Support to Lebanon’s Comprehensive Mental Health Strategy

Today at the release of the Government of Lebanon’s five-year Mental Health National Strategy, Dr. Walid Ammar, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health, recognized International Medical Corps among the partners supporting efforts toward integrating comprehensive mental healthcare into primary healthcare.

“It was wonderful to hear Dr. Ammar acknowledge International Medical Corps for our long-standing support for a comprehensive approach to mental health and psychosocial support,” said Francois de La Roche, International Medical Corps Country Director in Lebanon after the launch of the strategy. “Since we began working in Lebanon in 2006, International Medical Corps has been a leader in providing mental health care, and – in line with the government’s strategy launched today – we continue to provide mental health training to general practitioners and nurses, who are the frontline providers of general health services in Lebanon.”

In support of the Government of Lebanon’s efforts to support Syrian refugees and host communities, International Medical Corps continues to expand its mental health services by training primary healthcare providers to diagnose and treat mild to moderate cases of mental illnesses and disorders. To help increase availability and access to mental health services and treatment, International Medical Corps establishes outreach and mobile mental health clinics and also has experts able to visit the homes of those unable to reach a clinic. Through International Medical Corps’ social centers and supported clinics in Beirut and Bekka, as well as the north and south of Lebanon, Syrian refugees can obtain case management services and participate in mental health awareness sessions.

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