Safe Motherhood is a Universal Human Right

Every single day, 800 women die in childbirth. 99% of these women live in developing countries and the majority of their deaths are entirely preventable—occurring simply because they lack access to a qualified doctor and the basic facilities that many take for granted.

International Medical Corps considers safe motherhood to be a universal human right. Because women constitute the foundation of both families and communities, their well-being is essential for the success of those around them. Yet protecting that well-being remains a central challenge of women’s and children’s health in most communities.

This month, we are shining a spotlight on our maternal health work in communities around the world and the urgent need to ensure safe motherhood globally. Our lifesaving services include antenatal care, safe delivery by skilled birth attendants, quality care for obstetric and newborn emergencies, post-natal care and family planning that stresses healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. You can help raise awareness for healthy births and safe motherhood by sharing stories of our work and celebrating #BumpDay with us on July 25.

Together, we must do all we can to create happy, healthy beginnings everywhere by ensuring that every mother has the support she needs to deliver safely and nurture her baby’s growth.

Fast Facts: Women and Children’s Health

  • 16,000 children die every day before their 5th birthday
  • When a woman dies in childbirth, her surviving children are ten times more likely to die within two years than those whose mothers remain in the home
  • Among adolescent girls, about 70,000 deaths occur every year due to complications from pregnancy and childbirth