Members of the Tweende Kabotu community health club, from Delampuli village, sing a song during World Water Day 2022.

Celebrating World Water Day in Zimbabwe

Held on March 22 each year, World Water Day focuses on the importance of clean, safe water. This series of photos depicts our team’s celebration in Zimbabwe.

Our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) team in Zimbabwe commemorated World Water Day on March 22 with a celebration in the Sikalenge ward of Binga district. This year’s theme was “Groundwater: Making the Invisible Visible.” More than 300 community members attended the celebration, along with representatives from the District Water and Sanitation Subcommittee and several of our partner organizations.

The celebration included a speech from local councilor Joseph Mweembe. In addition, our community health clubs (CHCs) performed short skits and songs with messages about health, hygiene and the importance of water, and demonstrated how to use a handwashing station and pot-drying rack.

The commemoration is part of the Zimbabwe WASH team’s one-year emergency project to reduce the effects of COVID-19 in the Binga district by providing clean water and promoting hygiene. By the time the project wraps up in July, our WASH team will have equipped six water points with solar-powered pumps, rehabilitated 20 water-point hand pumps, provided infection-protection and cleaning supplies to 17 healthcare facilities and provided various kinds of training to environmental health technicians, water-point committee members, community-based facilitators, pump caretakers, health-facility cleaning personnel and others.

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