Wounds Of War: A Young Life Saved In Somalia

This June, five-year-old Rahma Dahir Abdullahi was severely wounded by mortar shrapnel on her chest and left thigh following inter-clan conflict in Ceel-duur, Mudug region of Somalia, roughly 230 miles north of Mogadishu. Her mother was referred to a hospital supported by International Medical Corps in Galkayo town for treatment.

Rahma’s parents were very worried about the condition of their daughter and felt hopeless about her chance of survival because she had lost a lot of blood. Rahma’s condition worsened when she underwent surgery, but she soon stabilized and the International Medical Corps team gave her painkillers, prophylactic antibiotics, and 300-ml of blood.

At the same time, Rahma’s two-year-old sister needed care for minor injuries from the violence, while Rahma’s parents did not have money to buy food for themselves or their daughters. International Medical Corps provided two hot meals a day to Rahma, her sister, and her parents, alleviating their fears of making ends meet during their stay in the hospital.

After 14 days of treatment and keen monitoring by International Medical Corps in-patient clinical staff, Rahma was well on the road to recovery, her movement, energy, and appetite all restored.

Rahma’s parents are very grateful for the close attention and quality care provided by International Medical Corps’ trauma team in saving the life of their daughter. She made a full recovery and was soon discharged from the hospital.


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