Partnering for the Greater Good

International Medical Corps supports communities in more than 30 countries that have been affected by adversity, working closely with local nonprofit and community groups, regional governments, national ministries of health and international agencies in all phases of disaster response and recovery.


Strengthening community health through partnerships and training in advance of an emergency reduces the impact of a disaster when it does occur. It also strengthens the resilience of those communities and countries affected. Together, these steps can provide a more stable foundation for recovery and a clearer path toward sustainable development.

Technical Rapid Response Team

Partnering with Action Against Hunger and Save the Children, in collaboration with UNICEF and the Global Nutrition Cluster to strengthen the role of nutrition during an emergency response.

FedEx Corporation

A Partnership To Speed Assistance

Building a Better Response

Partnering with Concern Worldwide and the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative to strengthen NGO capacity for more effective emergency response.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Emergency Response and Training

Help Us Save Lives