Medical Surge during COVID-19 and Flu Season

International Medical Corps and the Florida Association of Community Health Centers (FACHC) have partnered to deliver a two-part webinar series on pressing concerns for health centers as they approach both influenza season and vaccination campaign planning for COVID-19. Building upon the lessons learned from the pandemic to date, these sessions on risk communication and medical surge intend to enhance health centers’ capabilities to communicate effectively and shift operations in response to evolving situations. Presenters also share available resources, including planning templates that can be adapted to meet a health center’s unique needs.

This 1-hour webinar explores the four components of surge – space, staff, stuff, and systems – and relates best practices on preparing health centers for medical surge resulting from a large-scale infectious disease response. Planning considerations for vaccination points-of-dispensing using surge sites are also addressed. Speakers for this session include Dr. Natalie Moore, MD, MPH; Gianna Van Winkle, MBA, and leadership from the Community of Health Centers of Pinellas, Inc., to speak about their COVID-19 response.

Click here to view part one, Risk Communication and Coordinating with Response Partners.

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