Snapshots September 2021

From Haiti to Pakistan, see the impact you’ve had as a supporter of our work this month.

Helping in Haiti

A 7.2-magnitude earthquake struck Haiti on August 14, leaving approximately 650,000 people in need of emergency assistance. We have deployed our Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Fixed Type 1 medical facility and staff to Aquin.

As of October 3, we’ve provided more than 2,500 medical consultations and distributed more than 16,000 liters of potable water to residents and healthcare providers. In keeping with our approach of building and supporting local capacity, our clinic staff has also transitioned from an entirely international team to an almost completely local team. Learn more.

Continuing Our Fight Against COVID-19

We continue to fight COVID-19 and support vaccination efforts in the US and around the world.

Determining the Causes of Vaccine Hesitancy in Pakistan

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), vaccine hesitancy is one of the 10 most severe threats to global health. As we continue to vaccinate people, we’re also working to understand the causes of vaccine hesitancy and to combat it. In Pakistan, our team has surveyed nearly 200,000 people and identified the causes of hesitancy there. Read their recommendations.

Tackling COVID-19 in Libya

Our team in Libya continues its fight against COVID-19, distributing personal protective equipment, sharing information and debunking myths via WhatsApp groups.

Providing Support in India

Though the number of COVID cases in India has declined over the past several months, we’re continuing to work with local partners to procure essential critical-care equipment, supplies and medications, to help communities prepare for subsequent waves of infections.

Expanding Our Services in Tigray

In response to the crisis in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, we have deployed 20 mobile health and nutrition teams that are providing a range of healthcare services. As of October 1, our teams had provided critically needed health services in 32 camps containing more than 678,000 internally displaced people.

In response to the shortage of necessities in the region, such as food, clean water and medication, our Logistics team is working closely with international and local health partners to transport goods to areas with critically low supplies.

Marking National Preparedness Month

September was National Preparedness Month, and we want you to be prepared. Natural disasters don’t wait for a convenient time. Preparing for them shouldn’t wait either. Start by making sure you have everything you need for your emergency “go-kit” and learn more here.

Providing Lifesaving Support in the DRC and Somalia

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), we’re providing emergency medical, nutrition and protection services to internally displaced persons and vulnerable host communities in South Kivu and Tanganyika provinces.

In Somalia, our nutrition team at Galkayco South Hospital is helping children like Ayan, pictured below, recover from acute malnutrition, using therapeutic feeding and around-the-clock care at the hospital’s inpatient stabilization center.

Challenging Gender Stigmas and Stereotypes in Pakistan

Our great team in Pakistan worked closely with UNHCR to deliver training to fellow aid workers on how to engage communities to challenge gender stigmas and stereotypes. Thank you to Muslim, Shumaila and Saida, pictured from left to right below, for their important work!

Our “Principles of Psychological First Aid” Training Course is Live!

Simple things can make a big difference for someone who has experienced a crisis. Everyone has strengths and abilities that help them cope with life challenges, but in a crisis situation, it’s normal for someone to need extra help. That’s where psychological first aid comes in. Learn more about how to provide support to your family and friends during these challenging times with this free, online course.

Help us save lives.