Snapshots September

From the United States to Yemen, see how you’ve helped people as a supporter of our work this month.

We Are Continuing to Fight COVID-19 Around the World

Around the world, we’re continuing to help people in need as we adapt our healthcare and training programs to the demands of COVID-19.

Responding in the United States

In the United States, we’ve partnered with hospitals, clinics and nursing homes in California, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Puerto Rico and Texas, providing them with emergency medical field units, medical supplies and equipment (including personal protective equipment, or PPE), and clinical volunteers to help meet surges in demand caused by the virus.

We’ve also sent shipments of PPE to underserved communities in South Carolina and Alabama, to reduce the spread of the virus there and help protect them from a potential second wave.

Highlights of Our Global Response

We’re fighting COVID-19 in all the countries we operate, while continuing to provide a wide range of humanitarian services. Here are a few examples.

In Burundi, we’re providing essential hygiene and sanitation materials, including handwashing stations and soap, to help protect communities from COVID-19. And working with the local Ministry of Health, we’re training healthcare providers on proper handwashing techniques, enabling them to train others.

In Yemen, our healthcare team is sharing COVID-19 case-management and education guidelines with health facility staff. We’re also training frontline health workers, community health volunteers and staff on COVID-19 case-management and prevention methods, and have provided 23 health facilities with cleaning materials to strengthen infection control.

In Nigeria, our water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) team is collaborating with other humanitarian partners to distribute bars of soap to households and has deployed handwashing stations in camps for internally displaced persons.

We Are Helping Survivors of the Explosion in Lebanon

As the city of Beirut continues to recover from the massive explosion there, we’re continuing to provide health, mental health and gender-based violence services while shifting our focus toward medium- and long-term projects and activities.

Lebanon has seen a significant increase in COVID-19 cases since the explosion. That’s why our team has delivered shipments of medical supplies and PPE — including masks, gloves and gauze — to 18 primary healthcare centers and eight hospitals in Beirut.

Thanking Our Supporters All Over the World

Our teams, from Venezuela to Zimbabwe to the Philippines, are very grateful to see so many different communities and celebrities, like Snoop Dogg, joining us in the global fight against COVID-19.

Congratulations to Our Global Ambassador, Sienna Miller!

We’re incredibly proud of our Global Ambassador Sienna Miller for being honored with a Television Humanitarian Award. Sienna has been supporting our work in some of the most vulnerable places on earth for more than a decade, and we are deeply grateful. Click below to listen to her inspiring speech.

We Are Providing Lifesaving Support in the Central African Republic

We help people in need, no matter the conditions. During the rainy season, our teams in the Central African Republic have been traveling on motorcycles to bring aid to people. But the season can present unique challenges — in this case, floodwaters took out a plank bridge on the road from Bria to Konengbe. A volunteer decided to help keep the team moving by carrying Dr. Danielle Meyatene across the flooded section of the road.

Dr. Danielle Meyatene is carried across a flooded section of road in the Central African Republic.

We Are Working to Stop Ebola in the DRC

After helping to successfully control the tenth outbreak of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in the country’s eastern region — the second-largest outbreak in history — we are now providing medical care to patients at three Ebola Treatment Centers in the northwestern region, as the Ebola outbreak there continues. We also are bolstering screening and referral capacity, providing training and supplies for infection prevention and control, and supporting surveillance efforts across Ebola-affected areas of the country.

Help us save lives.